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Teaching Self-Regulation in K

on September 27, 2015

Sailing in a Dream

The beginning of the kindergarten school year is insanity. I keep hearing from many Grade 1 teachers who have never taught K but who have ended up teaching a combined K/1 for the first time that they had NO idea how much we K teachers work on in terms of teaching the basic skills like lining up, sitting down, holding a pencil, manners, etc. After all, we just play all day, right?

But get this: we also have to teach these kids HOW to play. Many of these children are not used to having to share an adult/toys/friends with more than one or two people. Teachers need to provide the children with the tools to help them play cooperatively with their peers in a school/classroom environment. The end goal being that they will be able to solve their own issues with as little help from the teacher/adults as possible.


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