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PE in The Early Years

on September 22, 2015

Sailing in a Dream

I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years and by no means have I come close to mastering the art of teaching young children, but there are definitely some subject areas that I prefer teaching (or am better at teaching) than others. I love teaching anything to do with literacy, music and art but I cringe at the thought of teaching PE to K’s. And of course, it’s their favourite subject- they get to run, scream and throw their bodies/objects around in a virtually limitless amount of space (so, yes, it does resemble a bunch of cages zoo animals who have just been released into the wild).

But it’s a (sort of) organized chaos. And it’s amazing how these little knee-knockers progress in their gross-motor skills in the span of 10 months. It’s what I love most about K: there’s so much growth and the credit mostly goes to them and…

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