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Teaching Self-Regulation in K

Sailing in a Dream

The beginning of the kindergarten school year is insanity. I keep hearing from many Grade 1 teachers who have never taught K but who have ended up teaching a combined K/1 for the first time that they had NO idea how much we K teachers work on in terms of teaching the basic skills like lining up, sitting down, holding a pencil, manners, etc. After all, we just play all day, right?

But get this: we also have to teach these kids HOW to play. Many of these children are not used to having to share an adult/toys/friends with more than one or two people. Teachers need to provide the children with the tools to help them play cooperatively with their peers in a school/classroom environment. The end goal being that they will be able to solve their own issues with as little help from the teacher/adults as possible.


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Songs for Teaching

Sailing in a Dream

A bit of shameless self-promotion here: I created a website last year for my Masters final project that I’d like to share with you. It’s mostly aimed at early educators who are interested in using more songs with their students but perhaps don’t know where to start. It includes some research on using songs with diverse learners, samples of songs (with me singing and playing the guitar), some links to music websites and other helpful ideas. Even if you don’t have a need for these resources, at least just visit to hear me sing!

Key of Kindergarten- Using Songs to Teach English Language Learners

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PE in The Early Years

Sailing in a Dream

I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years and by no means have I come close to mastering the art of teaching young children, but there are definitely some subject areas that I prefer teaching (or am better at teaching) than others. I love teaching anything to do with literacy, music and art but I cringe at the thought of teaching PE to K’s. And of course, it’s their favourite subject- they get to run, scream and throw their bodies/objects around in a virtually limitless amount of space (so, yes, it does resemble a bunch of cages zoo animals who have just been released into the wild).

But it’s a (sort of) organized chaos. And it’s amazing how these little knee-knockers progress in their gross-motor skills in the span of 10 months. It’s what I love most about K: there’s so much growth and the credit mostly goes to them and…

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