the kindergarten way

how kindergarten imitates life

The Pumpkin Patch

A teacher always takes a bit of risk when they decide to take on the Pumpkin Patch so early in the school year…especially with Kindergarten! But, for many of them, this is typically their first time riding on the school bus! And for some of the children, this was probably their very first time at a farm.
It is such a pleasure to watch how carefully the children choose their pumpkins, their excited faces as we ride the tractor trailer to the corn maze. We had a fabulous time this year and lucky for us, the rain held out and there were very few soggy friends at the end of the day. Thank you to the parents and school staff who came to help us on this busy and exciting day!

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Why the kindergarten way?

When I tell people what I do for a living (I’m a kindergarten teacher in case you couldn’t tell!), people typically react with an “Aw! They must be so cute!” or “Aw! You must love what you do!”. And, yes! we DO play all day, we DO have “nap time”, we DO have lots of fun, and it DOES take a lot of patience. But every second, of every day, the children are learning. They are learning from their teachers and each other, but I am also learning from them.

This blog is meant to showcase the learning that goes on in our classroom. Whether you are a teacher, parent or someone who has little interaction with children, I hope to demystify and share with others the inside world of the kindergarten classroom. I also hope to reveal the connections with how the types of learning that goes in kindergarten can transfer to all ages. Learning should be fun, learning can be playful, and learning might mean slowing down and finding intrigue in our everyday world.

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